Tuesday, May 31, 2005
Divinity Evolving

< This was probably written sometime in 2000 >

Astronomy is now coming to the conclusion that our universe is part of a larger evolving cosmos, where universes explode into being within a potentially infinite expanse. This infinite expanse may be the physical reality that religion has called "god". Speculations about quantum physics lead to the possibility that these other universes and the infinite expanse are governed by a complex process of event concretion that is capable of creating universes that are radically unlike our own. The infinite expanse may be a dynamic field of exotic events, possibly even resembling the energy of consciousness. In a sense the infinite multiverse resembles an incredibly complex living being.

We are centers of physical consciousness who have evolved out of the quantum flux with the capacity to examine, remember, and analyze our significant experiences. As we share our experiences, form values, and develop compassion, the universal being's own consciousness is enlarged, drop by experiential drop. We emerge from the infinite being, commune with this being and have the potential to choose a future that realizes compassion.

There is a shadow side to evolving divinity. The universe is seemingly random in its evolutionary path. The infinite being does not seem to pre-determine the outcome of the process of evolution. This means that many of these events manifest a malignant character. In human life, this leads to disease, mental illness, violence, and various "evils."

Humans are capable of evolving either the compassionate or malignant side of reality. At every moment, we are presented with possibilities and decisions that lead us down one pathway or another. The fate of humankind depends on the total synergy of our choices with natural evolution. I do not have an ultimate ground for choosing compassion over malignancy, only the repeated experience that compassion feels better than malice. From this perspective, my spiritual practice is aimed at the enlargement of compassion and the decrease of malice.

Posted at 06:09 pm by charley63

May 31, 2005   06:42 PM PDT
"In a sense the infinite multiverse resembles an incredibly complex living being."

This was written when I was under the influence of process theology <http://www.ctr4process.org/process/CPSGodUniverse.htm>.

peace - Charley

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